PSI purchase of SLCS FAQ

Power Solutions (PSI) of Alta has completed the purchase of The Storm Lake Computer Shop (SLCS), here are some common questions and answers:

Q: What contact info can we use to get ahold of someone?

A: Continue to use 712.213.0004 as you always have, until 8/1 it will goto voicemail queue and Drew will return voicemails as quickly as he is able to. As of 8/1 it will be forwarded to PSI office. Additionally, all SLCS email addresses are still valid and can continue to be utilized.

Q: What services will PSI provide that SLCS previously provided?

A: *As of right now* the plan is *all of them* with the exception of retail and walk-in repair service(s).

Q: What happens w/ the recurring payments that we had setup w/ SLCS?

A: SLCS will process monthly payments as usual for July, but new recurring authorizations agreements w/ PSI will need to be filled out for August. (see below)

PSI CC Authorization Form.pdf

Q: What is happening w/ the 1221 store location?

A: It has been closed for retail and walk-in service(s). PSI's main office is in Alta and they will not occupy the 1221 location, nor will they be providing retail or walk-in computer repair services.

Q: What is Drew going to be doing w/ PSI?

A: Drew is going to be a full-time employee of PSI as of 8/1 and will continue to provide the same service(s) that you have received from SLCS in the past, as well as covering the 'low voltage' duties at PSI.

Q: Where did Steve go?

A: Steve had a different full-time opportunity that he has embarked on already. We wish him the best of luck!